Permissions & Copyright

Permissions & Copyright

Permissions & Copyright

We are serious about copyright, please take the time to read the sections below.

Logos & Branding

Some of the Irish Whiskey imagery and written content used on the site is supplied to us by third party Distilleries and Irish Whiskey suppliers and used by us in good faith. If you feel that we are using imagery or content belonging to you with out your permission, please contact us and we will immediately rectify the situation.

Pricing & Returns

This website carries a variety of links and advertisement from respected and approved third party affiliate sites supplying Irish whiskey related products. As such, this site does not have any part in any sales contract between you and our advertisers. You should therefore contact the supplier directly if you have questions regarding, pricing, delivery and returns of your Irish Whiskey orders.

Copyright Queries

All Irish Whiskey related imagery and content on Irish is copyright to Stuart McNamara and Irish and may not be used without the permission of Irish Whiskey Writer Stuart McNamara. Permission is normally only granted in return for normal attribution and a do follow back link to Irish All design elements and artwork were designed and art directed by Elena Montes of